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Sawada Coffee – Chicago

Sawada Coffee – Chicago

On December 15th, 2015 Sawada Coffee officially opened its doors to the public. Whoโ€™s responsible? Well Hiroshi Sawada of course, along with his new partner Bredan Sodikoff. So what happens when a world renown barista and a restaurateur open a specialty coffee shop together?

Well you start with something like this.

and end up with this..

With no more than 15 seats Sawada Coffee is by no means large. That didnโ€™t stop them from installing a full size ping pong table, which is quite literally used as a table, and a restored 1992 Pinball Getaway Arcade game.

What you’re left with is a specialty coffee shop that has been crammed with personality but yet the prices are reasonable and the coffee is delicious. Oh and did I forget to mention that Black Eagle, stunning!

Sawada Coffee  1992 The Getaway

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Sawada Coffee Website: http://sawadacoffee.com


January 8, 2016

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