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Honolulu Coffee Experience Center

  • Honolulu Coffee Experience Center
  • Honolulu Coffee Experience Center

After more then a year of construction, Honolulu Coffee’s new headquarters is now open. Located just across the street from the Hawaii Convention Center where the former Hard Rock Cafe was located. This 9,000 square-foot coffee paradise features a ton of new goodies for on-goers and coffee enthusiasts alike.

Everything has been remodeled to make something special, such as the climate controlled cupping room, where all of the roasted coffee is tested before it is released to the public. Or the 60 seat, outdoor dining area next to the café that is going to be offering breakfast and lunch.

Not to mention that by the end of the year there planning on having every roast for the company’s 40 stores go through the new facility.

As an added bonus 15- to 20-minute tours are going to be offered at the facility. In which visitors will be able to take a peek inside the company’s kitchen, where everything from sandwiches to macrons are made daily for all of the Honolulu Coffee locations in Hawaii.


October 7, 2015

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